Answering services keep customers happier for mobile entrepreneurs ((tag: answering service, the network hub, mobile entrepreneur)

Telephone tag—that annoying thing that happens when you and your customers call and call and never connect. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your customers could leave a message with an actual person? Think of how annoyed you are when you need to leave a message and you end up listening to a recorded voice. Well your customers feel the same way.

The Network Hub can help you avoid losing customers because of telephone tag. People are far more likely to leave a message when they get a real person on the phone. This means that live answering services from The Network Hub can get more of your customers to leave messages for you—giving you the chance to follow-up with them. Discouraged customers who hang up on your voice mail mean lost business and lost dollars. An answering service can be especially beneficial for mobile entrepreneurs. If your business has you traveling all over Vancouver, Canada or even farther, professional answering services allow you to still be “there” for your customers.

Flexibility is a key to success as an entrepreneur, and The Network Hub provides additional phone services designed just for entrepreneurs who need scheduling and meeting room access. No more telephone tag and no more hunting for a coffee shop that’s quiet enough for your meeting.

About the author: “Karen Southall Watts has been training and coaching entrepreneurs for over a decade. She teaches business courses for Bellingham Technical College.”


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