The Britney Spears approach to small business

Well, we probably can’t give all the credit back to Miss Spears, but there are several lessons that small business owners can learn from Britney’s career. Entrepreneurs may more typically look up to people like Ted Turner, Donald Trump, and Steve Jobs, but there is still inspiration to be gained from looking at the success of pop stars too. Britney epitomizes this sentiment.

Never Down for the Count

Most of us probably remember Britney’s breakdown a few years back. She got into a bad relationship, shaved her head, and found more press in the tabloids than from the Billboard rankings.

However, with some good guidance and direction from her father, Britney has been able to get herself back on track and she has regained much of the success that she had lost. She’s rocketed back to the top of the charts, gone on tour to promote her new album, and she seems to be much more “together” than she has been.

In business, you’re going to get knocked down. Sometimes, it’ll be your fault and other times, it won’t. The key is having the ability to get back up time and time again.

Stick to What You Do Best

When coming up with a “comeback” for her career, Britney Spears (and her father) did not try to reinvent herself. She didn’t suddenly try to dabble too heavily in country, hip hop, or whatever was the current flavour of the day.

She’s a pop artist who sings “catchy” radio-friendly tunes. It was with this exact same genre that she managed to come back into the limelight. People didn’t want a “new” Britney; they wanted a more grown-up version of the “old” Britney (and it worked).

At the same time, she was able to capitalize on new technologies like Twitter to improve her chances at a successful comeback. Small businesses need to grow with the times, but the core product must remain true to the brand.

About the author: <a href="; title="Original Link:” target=”_blank”>Michael Kwan is a professional freelance writer based out of Vancouver, Canada. He can be found blogging at <a href="; title="Original Link:” target=”_blank”>Beyond the Rhetoric.


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