Kitty Candyland: The Official Kitty Card Launch Party

More business decisions occur over lunch and dinner than any other time, yet no MBA courses are given on the subject – Peter Drucker

As entrepreneur, it is very easy to stay in the confine of your office and spend endless amount of hours at work but it is important to remember we need to go outside of the four walls to talk to potential customers, users and partners.  It is also a well-deserved break that is oh so very necessary after a long hard working day.  We will be covering networking events around Vancouver that are fun, affordable and presents opportunities to build your network.  Get to know some of the faces of the people we are highlighting, they are doing great things in Vancouver and you probably want to get to know them.  Tell them you met them through The Network Hub!

Kitty Candyland is the launch party of Vancouver’s only luxury lifestyle membership for women – The Kitty Card.   With The Kitty Card, you can spoil yourself with discounted deals from different stores.  Kitty Candyland was exactly what was described on the invite – carnival-style cocktail party!

coworkingIMG 3728 Kitty Candyland: The Official Kitty Card Launch Party
The candy bar – all pink of course!

coworkingIMG 3727 Kitty Candyland: The Official Kitty Card Launch Party

Jeff Swan (@jeffswan18) from The Kitty Card and the kitties at The Kitty Card booth

The Kitty Card

Yvonne Lum (@ylizabeth) from The Network Hub, Anna Ou, Cindy Guan

The Kitty Card

Alisha Mann (@amventures) of AM Ventures and Robin Dhir, VP of Twin Brook Developments

The Kitty Card
Amanda Panes and Victoria Wong – the ladies of (@theMODLINE)

coworkingIMG 0054 Kitty Candyland: The Official Kitty Card Launch Party

Congrats The Kitty Card on your launch!  Best wishes from our team at The Network Hub!!!


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