Hungry Girl’s Guide: Gyudonya

Now that I am on vacation, I am wandering everywhere Downtown aimlessly to discover new things to try out and places to eat at. I have walked by Gyudonya twice on Monday but want to save the experience of trying out a new restaurant with my favourite couple, Michael and Stephanie. Stephanie is the person behind (@momofukufor2) a very popular blog that follows her cooking adventure.

The place is smaller just like most restaurants in downtown. Although they did make good use of the space with lots of communal tables, what I dislike are the high chairs we sat on. Eating on high chair is highly uncomfortable UNLESS they did it so you don’t get too comfortable so they can have better turn over.

Gyudonya - Exterior - Vancouver

Gyudonya – Exterior – Vancouver

Location-wise, it is a super convenient location at Richards and Robson.

Gyudonya - Interior - Vancouver

Gyudonya – Interior – Vancouver

Gyudonya - Menu

Gyudonya – Menu

One of the most basic menu I have seen, they have 5 different bowls and a few side-dishes you can add on as part of a combo. Again, very affordable. Under $6 for an individual bowl and under $9 dollars for each individual combo.

coworkingIMG00200 20100622 1317 Hungry Girls Guide: Gyudonya

Guydonya – Beef Rib Bowl

The short rib bowl was surprisingly good, I would have preferred for the ribs to be sizzling hot when it arrives at the table but it was more warm than hot.


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